B-Roll Footage

B-Roll Footage 

B-Roll footage is an incredible asset when it comes to creating an engaging wedding video production. Having plenty of good B-Roll makes a video more powerful and emotional. As the videographer, you'll want to capture as much footage as possible, because even something so small can make the world of difference in a short film and B-Roll footage is an excellent filler for using in-between scenes. B-Roll is great at merging scenes together.  

What is B-Roll Footage? - The term “B-Roll” comes from the world of film where editors used to use an “A” and a “B” roll of identical footage, before the digital age changed everything. It is alternative footage inter-cut with the main shot. B-Roll shots are similar to cutaways in that they help break up the static interview shots, so this is very ideal for you as a wedding photographer for jazzing up the wedding video.  So, whenever you’re planning on shooting a wedding video, take some time out during the pre-production process to map out what B-Roll footage may be suitable. It can make telling the couple's story much easier and compelling with added footage. Typically, at wedding, B-Roll usually includes genuine scenes of emotion and feelings running high.  

Our Advice On B-Roll - Shooting wedding video can be extremely stressful though if you don't know what you're doing. Here are some tips to help you focus on getting all the right shots by using B-Roll footage... As we mentioned in a previous blog post here at Weddit, B-Roll will be your best friend and worst enemy when it comes down to editing. Not having enough B-Roll footage will make you job so much harder as the videographer. It’s easy to remember to shoot exteriors of the venue, but don’t forget that there are people coming to these venues. When the Bride and Groom watch their wedding video, they will want to see their friends and family in attendance, so don't just focus on the happy couple, even though it is their happy day. We recommended that you seek help, like an assistant to capture parts of the crowd during the ceremony with a second camera.  This footage will always come in handy to hide any rough edits. It’s also great to cut to the crowd if the photographer walks into your shot of the couple at the altar, so just let the camera roll, because it's better to have too much B-Roll than not enough. That's the difference between a great wedding film and a weeding film ruined. 

To Sum It Up - Wedding videos have changed considerably over the years. Even the name has changed: now you hire a cinematographer or filmmaker in place of a videographer, and have a wedding film or story made. The results from your B-Roll footage take the wedding film to another level. We have to remember as photographer/ videographers that the purpose of a wedding photograph or film is really for future generations. It enables them to have more insight into their ancestors than the spectacle of the wedding day alone — and that is priceless, so no pressure or anything but it's your job to get this right! 

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